The following are a few pictures taken during our holiday in Phuket compliments of the Optus digital camera!

All pictures taken by Sharon, Jo or one of locals!

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Sharon at Singapore Airport.
Sharon having breakfast by the sea. This is the torture of everyday life in Patong!
Life is hard starting each day this way...
Where it all happens! One of the colourful main streets of Patong.
Me - just before having the first of many of the best Tom Yum Goon soups that I've ever had - in Phuket.
Sharon taking in the sites of Patong's night life.
Having a few Singha beers at the local "Irish" pub!
Playing with the locals.
Me playing Connect 4 with Jimmy.
Yes we realise that this isn't everyone's idea of partying!
Sharon playing Connect 4 with Jimmy.
Still at the Irish Pub!
The view of Patong, Karon and Kata Beaches (top to bottom).
Sharon taking in the view.
Sharon getting over the fact that there is a sign saying Paris 28,000 kms!
Me knackered after driving the Jeep around Phuket - They are completely crazy on the road!
Sharon at Phuket Zoo.
Not one of the best zoo's that we've ever seen - but I guess this is a third world country!
Jo with her new friend!
Poor Monkey being made to hold up the welcome sign...
At the crocodile show.
Crazy Thai man!
Strong Thai man!
The big mummy Tiger... (sigh)
Isn't she beautiful!
Me in my element
"Can I have a job here please?"
ooohh how cute!
The one month old Tiger cub that is!
Taking my life in my hands... god they are so beautiful
I'm in shock here I think!
Patong Beach, our new home... Just kidding, but wouldn't it be nice!
Sharon in the milky warm surf at Patong Beach
She never gets out!
Kata Beach - home of the best restaurant I've ever been to - the Boat House. A must for everyone going there, I fully recommend the lobster, the fillet steak and the mango crepes... Heaven!
One of the bears at the so called "Wild life sanctuary", it's a bit lame by our high standards though!
A Snow bear at the same park. Poor things have a horrible home no bigger than our kitchen with hardly anything in it (apart from cement)... Very sad!
One of the local temples.
Sharon inside the temple cave.
Elephant trekking in the forest! Was certainly an experience riding these properly as I did... Not the most comfortable animals to ride let me tell you! Think I'll stick to horses!
Feeding the elephant that we rode on bananas. I was offered a job as a guide for 50 baht per day (about $2.50) which I turned down as a bad career move...
This one was very greedy and pushed our elephant out of the way too get the rest of the bananas that I had!
A river that we trekked through on the elephants.
Sharon feeding our elephant.
Sharon and I in the "cool" water at a forest waterfall.
Couldn't have been too cold as we were in there for a while!
Yep, still here... well it was 36 degrees out of the water, can you blame us for taking our time getting out!
Sharon being a water baby!
Some of the islands off Phuket.
More islands... There are hundreds of them!
This was in a cave when we went to see James Bond Island - it was in Gold Finger I'm told!
Sorry I couldn't work out how to turn this photo around...
A limestone cave that you can drive a longboat through!
Inside the cave.
Some people rowing through the limestone caves... We relaxed in the longboat and watched!
An amazing village built on the water.
Same village where we had lunch!
This is the bit that the tourists get to see...
Where the locals live.
We had to sneak in!
Don't think that I'll be moving here anytime soon... However it does have it's own school and a mosque!

Sadly we had to leave and come back to a sunny but cold Sydney...

The end...